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Recent news in News and Announcements
Below you can find the latest news about our community.
November 14, 2014, 06:19:56 am by Hamza.
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ParUni SA:MP Division
Hiring Developers

We're hiring scripters for the SA:MP division. If you're interested, please make sure that you meet the requirements:
* Have a swell knowledge of PAWNO and threaded queries
* Must be familiar with the HTML and PHP
* Must have knowledge of SQL and MySQL.
* Must be able to speak and write proper English
* Must be active
* Must give a sample project in the application form.

Rate your PAWNO knowledge out of 10:
October 31, 2014, 01:06:41 pm by Teddy
Views: 496 | Comments: 9


As some of you may have noticed the IRC was up for a while then went down without much reason. We have since spent a considerable amount of time rebuilding the IRC. At this current time only one node is functional while a Canadian node and Netherlands node are planned but awaiting configuration in the domain settings.

You can connect to the node that is up with the following details: irc.argonathrpg.com:6698

NOTE: This IRC is still in it's early infancy stages and may be prone to errors. The full network is still not entirely functional and may have short periodical outages as a result.

All services are functional and available:

- NickServ (user registration ...
October 05, 2014, 05:53:37 pm by Teddy
Views: 595 | Comments: 6


Do you waste your life on Reddit, or are you interested in starting? Good news.. we've expanded into Reddit. Reddit is an awesome community of sub-reddits where people can share, debate, comment, and many other things with others. It's really something you gotta try first, can't put into words. Our sub-reddit was born today and we're inviting you to come try. You'll need an account with Reddit before you continue (don't worry it's free!). Please read the Reddit rules and other information before finding your way over to us. Reddit can be an awesome place to procrastinate homework assignments and work (seriously, be careful.. I'm 5 weeks late). Feel free to share images from in-game, other ideas, and don't hesitate to go a ...
October 04, 2014, 06:54:14 pm by Hamza.
Views: 1584 | Comments: 50

Parallel Universe Team Deathmatch

Our Website

Hello, players.
As many of you might know, Paruni aka Parallel Universe is a death match community related to Argonath RPG. It includes many games like SA:MP, CS GO, CS 1.6 and etc. This is to let you all know that the Paruni community is facing a complete downfall. I request you all to show some interest in the community and raise it back up....
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